• Women's Urinary Incontinence Issues: What You Can Do

    If you are a woman who is suffering from urinary incontinence issues, you may wonder what is going on with your body and if there are any potential solutions that can help you to feel better and maintain better control of your bladder. Before you give up and resign yourself to the idea that your urinary incontinence issues are a permanent part of your life, get to know more about some of the ways that you can better handle your urinary incontinence so that you can feel better about your body and regain your confidence and your control over your body.

  • Don't Risk Dental Injuries From Eating While Driving

    Whether you're on a big road trip or simply commuting to or from work, it's often tempting to enjoy a meal or some snacks while you're behind the wheel. On a road trip, eating while driving can save you some time, while snacking during your commute can make the time pass more pleasantly. However, despite the number of people who munch on food while driving, there are risks to doing so.

  • Can You Continue an Athletic Life Post-Amputation? Absolutely.

    Once upon a time, losing a limb spelled the end of an athlete's career or an atheletic person's hobbies, but these days, prosthetics have advanced to the point where they are capable of a tremendous amount of specialization, giving rise to a new form of prosthetics that can be specialized for nearly anyone's desire to continue participating in his or her favorite sports. If you're facing life with a prosthetic, you need to know that you can still continue enjoying your previously athletic life with the right kind of prosthetic.

  • What You Need to Know about Taking Hepatitis C Drugs in Hopes of Curing Yourself

    Hepatitis C used to be a death sentence, but, in the past several years, it's turned into a disease that, while difficult to treat, is treatable. You have to be aware of what goes into the treatment, as the side effects can be unwelcome. Do not let any of this put you off getting treatment, though; if you let the hepatitis C run rampant, you'll only end up with worse pain and more medical bills.

  • Problems Driving? 3 Signs Vision Problems Might Be Interfering With Your Driving

    It's never easy admitting that you have vision problems, especially if you've always had perfect vision. Unfortunately, vision problems tend to come with age. If you've been putting off having your vision tested, you should stop and schedule an appointment. You might not realize this, but your vision problems could be affecting the way you drive, which could be putting your life—and the lives of others—in jeopardy. Here are three signs that your vision problems are interfering with your ability to drive.