• A Skin Test May Determine What You Are Allergic To

    If your doctor has validated that the recurring rashes on your skin are due to an allergy, they may recommend that you have a skin test performed to determine which irritant you are allergic to. This type of testing involves introducing a series of substances to your skin and observing the application point to determine if one or more of the substances has triggered an allergic reaction. Tests Are Noninvasive And Performed During An Office Visit

  • 2 Important Steps That Will Help You Keep Your Hearing Aid Functioning Properly

    If you have a hearing aid, you likely spent a decent amount of money on the device because it helps you hear the things around you. Before you had a hearing aid, you might not have been able to hear a lot of the things people were saying to you, which likely caused frustration in your life. Now that you have a reliable hearing aid that you wear in your ear each day, it is necessary to keep it functioning properly because you rely on it.

  • Dealing With The Passing Of A Loved One? How To Discuss Cremation With Your Younger Children

    If one of your parents has recently passed away, and they had decided on cremation, your younger children may have questions. Most children have some type of experience with funerals. However, that might not be the case with cremations. If this will be the first experience your children have with cremation, you need to be prepared to talk them through the process. Here are four steps to help you talk to your children about cremation.

  • 3 Things You Shouldn't Do When Having A 3D Mammogram

    An important part of taking care of your breasts and keeping an eye out for breast cancer is by having mammograms done according to the recommended schedule. No longer do you have to have them done the traditional way, either; instead, if possible, try scheduling an appointment for a 3D mammogram. If you are wondering what you should not do when it's time for your 3D mammogram, consider these things.

  • When A Cold Is More Than Just A Cold

    Colds can occur throughout the entire year, no matter if it's winter or summer. A cold usually involves a runny nose, a cough, congestion, and possibly a mild fever, but it may be more than just a cold. If you aren't sure whether you have a cold or something worse, read on for helpful information to help you know when it's time to get to urgent care for help. Running A Fever