• A Scoop On Poop: How Having A Healthy Gut Could Actually Earn You Big Bucks

    Do you believe that you have a pretty healthy gut? Do you expel what you perceive as "normal" stools when you sit on your ceramic throne? Then you could be a candidate to become a fecal donor transplant. And the pay for donating your poop? Well, it isn't crappy. When Is a Fecal Transplant Required? A human's gut contains both "good" and "bad" bacteria. On occasion, especially after the use of antibiotics, the good bacteria in a person's gut can get killed off in such numbers that they are left with only the so-called bad bacteria, known as Clostridium difficile.

  • Four Signs That Cancer Runs In Your Family

    Cancer is a common disease – over 1,685,210 new cases were diagnosed in the United States in 2016. This means you shouldn't assume that cancer runs in your family just because one or more of your family members has/had cancer. However, some forms of cancers do run in the family, and it's good to know if this is the situation with your family. Here are four signs that cancer runs in your family:

  • Three Things To Discuss With Your Partner When You Decide To Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

    If you decide to have breast augmentation and are with a long-term significant other, you should be prepared to discuss different aspects of the procedure with your partner. Below are three conversations you should be prepared to have before your surgery.  Your Reasons for Getting an Augmentation When you first tell your partner that you plan to have a breast augmentation procedure done, they may react in several different ways. While some partners are supportive immediately, others may question your reasons for undergoing surgery and some may wonder if they have pressured you into your decision.

  • Need A Doctor But It's Not An Emergency? When An Urgent Care Center Is What You Need

     If you've got a medical condition that requires attention, but you don't have time to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician, it's time to find an urgent care center near you. One of the benefits of choosing an urgent care center is that you can always find one open when you need it the most. Not sure what medical conditions require an urgent care center? Here are just four situations that will benefit from urgent care.

  • Do's And Don'ts When You Have Osteoporosis

    Although nobody wants to get a bone disease like osteoporosis, the truth is that it is millions of people around the world are diagnosed with it each year. Around 54 million Americans are known to have osteoporosis. It happens when your body makes too little bone or loses too much bone. Sometimes it results from a combination of both. Since the bones subsequently are weakened, you are more susceptible to bone breakage and other health problems.